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Grooming Services


All grooms will include two warm washes in our hydrobath with hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, if appropriate.
Coat will be then dryed in accordance with coat type to enable us to get the best finish for your dog.
Nail clipping and ear cleaning is included.

Ear plucking will be carried out upon request.
Your dogs coat will be thoroughly brushed and combed through prior to styling.
Lastly if your pet requires trimming, we can clip, scissor or hand strip to achieve the desired result.


Hand stripping

We will not commit to hand stripping your dog without first seeing the coat. If the coat is suitable and you attend appointments at the recommended intervals we are more than happy to hand strip your terrier or gun dog. Please remember that hand stripping takes much longer than clipping but will help keep the correct texture and colour in the coat.

Neutering (especially so in gun dogs) can affect your dogs coat making it thicker and unsuitable for hand stripping.


Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning

Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning costs £40 for first session and consultation which includes dogs own toothbrush head and then from £15 for follow up appointments, depending on frequency of intervals


Short haired breeds

Short haired dogs also love to come in and be pampered. You too will benefit from less coat shedding in the house for a couple of weeks and a sweet smelling pet!




Puppy Visits

We welcome and recommend puppies come in for their first visit after their vaccination schedule is complete.

They benefit from at least one short visit to the groomers before the first full hair appointment.

This enables your puppy to get to know the person trimming his fur and become accustomed to the unusual sights and sounds in the parlour. 



Sanity Before Vanity

Your pets welfare comes first.

If a dogs coat is presented to us in a severely matted state, we have no alternative but to shave it down short to get between the knots and the skin.

A dog will not tolerate an extensive de matting procedure, it causes unnecessary distress to your pet leaving the skin sore and bruised. Rather than your dog having a lifelong fear of being groomed it is much better to relieve your pet from the matted fur and start again.

Bring your dog back for grooming at the recommended intervals and you will have your pet looking just how you wanted in no time at all. Hair will grow back, your dogs temperament however is not so easy to regain.

We normally recommend your pet comes in for grooming every 6 -12 weeks depending on the breed.






Please contact us for a quote, All prices include VAT.
Prices vary and depend on how you want your pet styled and how frequently you have your dog groomed.


Doggy Daycare

We are pleased to announce that there is now an exclusive area in the parlour available for a daycare service. We only have a couple of spaces availabilility per day so please pre book as it is a strictly first come first serve basis. The cost is £20 per dog per day inclusive of VAT.

Your pet will get its own quiet area in the parlour where they can sleep in their own bed or we can provide bedding. They will have a walk at lunchtime and we will give them any treats or food that you provide. Perfect if you have to be away from home all day and are worried about leaving your dog at home alone.
Drop off from 8.15 am.


Doggy Accessories

We have a small shop in reception offering collars, toys and treats




Walk-In Nail Trimming


Professional grooming nail clippers are used to shorten those long and sharp nails, ensuring comfort for your pet to run around.

No appointment needed but please call us on the day so we know you are coming.

The nail trimming service is £10.